Tawas high school students (from left to right) Kenna Seyfried and Catie Push, and Oscoda’s Emma Lukach, Angelina Estes, Lucas Farrier, and Leilah Kard received Rotary Youth Leadership Awards to attend Rotary student leadership academy in Clare June 12 thru 16.  Students had to be 2022-23 juniors or seniors . 
Oscoda has been sending students from their Interact service club for years.  The newly forming Tawas area satellite Rotary club worked with the incoming Tawas HS principal Sarah Danek to nominate the two Tawas students. “It was a little last minute, but we have some kids with great leadership potential and I was so happy to get them included in this opportunity” said Danek.  The parent Oscoda club paid for one, and the other Award was contributed by the Shephard Rotary Club (near Mt. Pleasant). 
“RYLA is a fantastic opportunity for kids to improve their leadership skills and come back ready to lead other students in their schools to accomplish great things", said Dr. Jim Kent, director of youth services for the Oscoda Rotary”.  Incoming Oscoda Rotary president Pam Harkema said “This allows the new Tawas satellite to start off with an immediate accomplishment doing something for youth development in their community.  This is just the start of great things from Tawas!”.   
Persons interested in joining the new Rotary Tawas satellite should contact Sue Skiba at 734-649-6877.  Sue is chairperson of the new club and proprietor at Susie Brews on Newman street.   

Submitted by Rick Ruth, Oscoda Rotary Public Image team 313 910 5809